Green Tea Manufacturers in Tamilnadu

Green Tea Manufacturers in Tamilnadu

Green Tea Manufacturers in Tamilnadu – It surprises many people new to tea to discover that green tea originates from the exact plant species such as Camellia Sinensis. For this purpose, it includes the most antioxidants and salubrious polyphenols. If you are looking for Green Tea Manufacturers in Tamilnadu, this article helps you look out for trustworthy manufacturers. Since the commercial production commenced the tea industry evolve to include a mixture of many small growers with a few large corporate estates and the government-owned Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu occupies the southernmost portion of the Indian subcontinent.

The market in India is predicted to observe a further increase in the budget period of 2021-2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.2%. In 2026, the tea industry in India is demanded to achieve 1.40 million tons. However, it is necessary to note that more confirmation is essential before specialists can definitively prove these potential health benefits:

  • Green Tea Packs a Nutritional Punch
  • Green Tea is often a part of a Healthy Weight Loss Diet
  • The Benefits of tea reach Your Belly
  • Green Tea May Help Reduce atrophic arthritis Symptoms
  • Green Tea May Help Repair Damaged Skin and Protect Against carcinoma
  • Your Alertness and Brain Health May Improve by Drinking tea
  • Green Tea Could Help Lower blood glucose Levels in People With Type 2 Diabetes
  • Green Tea May Help Protect Against Certain sorts of Cancer
  • Drinking Green (and Black) Tea May Have a Protective Effect on the guts
  • Green Tea May Help Reduce Anxiety

Top List of Green Tea Manufacturers in Tamilnadu: 

In this blog, we share all genuine information regarding top manufacturing companies of green tea products. All these companies always offer international quality standards of products. The details incorporate some of the top product lists of given companies, their information, year of manufacturing, registered address, a lot of many information.

Kochar Tea And Beverage Pvt Ltd: 

Kochar spends four decades in the tea field including manufacture, tasting, recipe development, export, enabling end-to-end solutions. Their assisted copious clients in setting up brands in tea and coffee PAN-India & providing support inconsistency and quality. They provide expert guidance to potential export proposals. The company develops the recipe for the respective country to ensure delivery compliance & timelines, including appropriate procurement to the standard. Also, they provide the technical expertise to suit regional preferences.

They offer the most genuine and efficient range of Green Tea Such as:

  • Hibiscus Green Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea
  • Mint Green Tea
  • Saffron Green Tea
  • Lemon & Honey Green Tea
  • Orange & Cinnamon Green Tea
  • Ginger Tulsi Green Tea
  • Green Tea Leaf Green Tea

Address: 21 643 102, Mount Pleasant Rd, Balaclava, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu 643102

Tetrahedron Beverages Pvt. Ltd: 

Tetrahedron Beverages introduces itself to the world in the year 2007 as a manufacturer of instant tea. They are continuously developing new products and adopting the latest technology to meet the increasing demand of the industry. While manufacturing its products they use only natural fruit, spice, extracts in their premises. Their central focus on today and pay more consideration to the future. The developing market-oriented results to make their customers leading the trend of the market.

Their Green Tea Product:

  • Mint Green Tea
  • Ginger Green Tea
  • Lomen Green Tea

Registered Address: G-39, Sidco Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Kakkalur, Tamil Nadu 602003


Since 1984 Darmona Tea is one of the most popular manufacturers of green tea. They are the leader among the bought-leaf sector and are rated as the finest producers of quality Tea in the Industry. Their experience and management bring in the uniqueness and the art of producing deep amber color. Also, their manufacturing facility ISO 9001:2000 certified for quality (International Standard). The company strictly doesn’t use any identical synthetic flavors, species, or colors in its manufacturing process or its formulation.


  • Darmona Green Tea

Contact Details: Kotagiri – 643 201, The Nilgiris, South India


Benchmark started by “Mr. N Devarajan” and who has involved himself as a most experienced tea maker in Variety of Teas. Their teas and garden are fresh and also unblended Tea is the only highest hallmark of Benchmark Tea it offers a unique taste of the unblended variety of Nilgiri tea. Since the company starts they offer a unique taste of the unblended variety of Nilgiri tea can be assured that Benchmark variety of Tea is manufactured at all ethical standards.

The range of green tea product includes:

  • Jasmine Green Tea
  • Kashmiri Green Kahwa Tea
  • Mint Green Tea

Location: Doddabetta Main Road, Ooty, The Nilgiris – 643001.

Avataa Tea: 

Avataa has accumulated a concentration of tea-lovers all over the world. Recognized for its high interest in the European and North American markets, Avataa has adjudged the champion of the Golden Leaf India Awards in the “Southern Teas Competition”. Avataa commands the patron and amity of its family that places tremendous effort into creating the world’s finest teas. They are prepared using an award-winning steaming and dehydration method that guarantees the tea leaves preserve their freshness long after they have been packed.

Their product list also includes:

  • Long Ding Green Tea
  • Twirl Green Tea
  • Virgin Green Tea
  • Avataa Green Tea Bag
  • Avataa Green Honey & Lemon Tea Bag

Direction: Office: No.10, George Ave, Poes Garden, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Homedale Tea: 

The Homedale Tea Factory began production of green tea in November 1949 in the southern tip of India. Their 70-year-old tradition of manufacturing and marketing premium tea is now being carried forward by Shri V. K. Aravindaksha Menon’s son Shri Raman A. Menon and grandson Shri Prashant R. Menon. While they always try to bring you the best teas please note that the unique character and flavor of this tea is influenced by the season. They make sure to select only the best produce of the season, and their teas are marked by a distinct seasonal character relished by tea connoisseurs everywhere.

Product List:

  • Homedale Green Leaf Tea
  • Homedale Green Dust Tea

Office Address: Tiger Hill Road Coonoor – 643 101 The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu.


May our blog be useful for your searches and reach a trustworthy manufacturer of green tea products. If you have any inquires reading above mention list then feel free to contact us.