Green Tea Manufacturers in Assam

Green Tea Manufacturers in Assam

Green Tea Manufacturers in Assam – Per annum, India manufacutrer and produced around 1200 million kgs of tea out of which Assam produced about 618 million kgs and Assam produced 2 million kg of tea of the estimated production of 11 million kg in India. If you think that too starts your own bussnies then tea manufacturing should get on your top list otherwise you also can choose the PCD franchise of tea. During this blog, we share all genuine information about tea Manufacturers in Assam.

The demand for tea within the domestic market is growing at 17 once a year as against only 3% for tea. A favorite with tea tipplers everywhere, tea has been appreciated for its therapeutic characteristics for decades. Some recent studies have now confirmed a number of these benefits, suggesting that tea may protect various aspects of their health.

The health benefits caused by tea are linked with their content of polyphenols Trusted Source, which are micronutrients with antioxidant properties. As antioxidants, these substances can protect against the action of free radicals, which induce the sort of cellular damage according to aging.

Top List of Green Tea Manufacturers in Assam:

Below we share a list of top Green Tea Manufacturers in Assam with their product list or register address, consistent with your need. All these listed companies offer you the finest quality of Green Tea and also helps you to starts your own business.

Halmari Tea Estate: 

Since 1980 Halmari Tea Estate was considered simply as a mean Estate making average quality tea. But now they boast of being the No. 1 garden within the world through years of thorough adherence to quality and ensuring only the simplest teas are made. It’s existed for over a century resulting in great experience and mastery in tea production. The estate covers a complete landmass of 534 hectares.

The quantity of tea produced within the estate is exceptional for its exception in tea. Besides, it doesn’t have any time restraint in its availability because the purchasing of those teas is feasible within the entire year. Also, the credit for an equivalent goes to the power of online shopping provided by the corporate. The manufacture and preservation of quality tea is normally the foremost important concern of Halmari Tea Estate.

Their product List:

  • Halmari Gold Green Tea
  • Halmari Gold Lemon Green Tea

Contact Details: PO. O. & T.O. Khowang, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam, India

Amchong Tea estate: 

Amchong Tea estate starts its establishment within the year 1977 because of the leading manufacturer of tea in Assam. Its augmentation procedure involves the plucking, withering, gliding, oxidation, and drying of tea leaves. Annually, the estate has the potential of manufacturing 1,000,000 kilograms of tea. The figure for the product is rising exceedingly with time. The sales of their Orthodox tea are splendid and have received a tremendous interest at the auctions.

The contribution of the estate isn’t limited only to tea production. It’s also partaken within the infrastructural development of the region. They also provided changes to the road so that the amount of mobility and safety is increased. Thus, Amchong Tea Estate tries to profit society where it can.

Location: Panbari Mouza, P. O. Digaru, Kamrup, Assam, India

Assamica Agro: 

Assamica Agro starts its establishment within the year 2010 as a personal Ltd. The corporate is predicated in rural Assam and is committed to following ethical and organic farming standards. Their company also produces organic fruits, vegetables, traditional rice, rubber, and milk in association with their small-scale organic farmers. Also, they assist to plug the produce of other smaller tea & herbs growers within the region through our eCommerce website. They need a little resort inside their tea farm. The corporate strives to revolutionize the tea-growing within the Assam region.

Their product list also includes:

  • Assam Green Adventure
  • Chamomile Green Sunshine
  • Tulsi Green Sensation
  • Green Lemongrass Flare
  • Rose Green Allure

Direction: C/O-Kanoka Tea Estate, Panchnoi, P.O. Hugrajuli, Dist: Sonitpur, Assam

Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd: 

Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. is that the third largest tea or green producer in the world. It’s 22 Tea Estates spread throughout India with a complete area of 9407 hectares under tea plantation. They need five Gardens in Upper Assam, five in Cachar, four in Dooars & Terai, six gardens in Darjeeling, and two in South India. The corporate also has two tea processing companies that produce tea completely from tea leaves obtained from other gardens.

They export to over 40 countries across the world including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan, UAE, etc. Their huge product basket comprises “all teas of India” and their price range varies from 220 to 10000. Their unrelenting endeavor is to supply customers with the best quality tea.

Product List also includes:

  • Rose Green Tea
  • Darjeeling Classic Spring Green Tea
  • Darjeeling Classic Autumn Green Tea
  • Special Autumn Green Tea 2020
  • Special Pearl Green Tea

Contact them: P.O. Sonari – 785690 District: Sibsagar Assam.


May all above mention companies helps you to find out any trystworhty manufacturer of green tea. If you have any kind of question regarding this blog feel free to contact us or you can also fill the contact form from our official website.